Sugars and biomass from dedicated crops can be processed by biorefineries into a myriad of products ranging from fuels to power to plastics to cosmetics. While each application has its unique feedstock requirements, they all require scalable, reliable and sustainable feedstocks that won’t negatively impact the environment or the world’s food supply. Dedicated crops, tailored for these applications, hold the promise for bioenergy and biobased products to become mainstream, sustainable solutions.



Biochemical or thermochemical conversion of sugars and biomass into liquid transport fuels including ethanol, biodiesel and advanced fuel molecules.



Combustion (or gasification followed by combustion) of biomass to generate electricity and/or heat.

Biobased products


Biochemical or thermochemical conversion of sugars or biomass to generate substitutes for fossil-fuel based products such as plastics, vinyl, and chemicals.



Production of gases by anaerobic digesters during the breakdown of organic matter, usable in raw form to generate renewable heat and power.



Use of agricultural crops or other biological organisms to extract heavy metals and other contaminants from soil.

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NexSteppe brings to the dedicated energy crop landscape a new level of focus, commercial orientation and expertise...

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At NexSteppe, unrivaled team of dedicated experts are pioneering the next generation of crops to enable the bioeconomy...

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Reliable, scalable, consistent, cost-effective and sustainable dedicated energy crops will play a large role in meeting the world’s energy demands...

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From grower to processor, NexSteppe is dedicated to providing supply chain solutions...

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