Metano Alto Biogas Sorghum

NexSteppe has developed a dedicated product line, known as Metano Alto, to support the biogas industry. Metano Alto biogas sorghum hybrids have been bred for high biomass yields in the field, moisture levels suitable for ensiling at harvest, and high methane production efficiency under anaerobic digestion for production of biogas and biomethane.

Like all NexSteppe product lines, the Metano Alto product line contains multiple hybrids of varying maturities adapted for different growing regions. Harvest of Metano Alto is recommended at the soft-dough growth stage to maximize sugar yields. Shorter maturing hybrids maximize potential yield over a short growing period, whereas longer maturing hybrids achieve greater yields by utilizing available light and moisture where longer growing seasons exist. Short day hybrids mature more quickly and are typically ready for harvest at just 90-100 days after planting. For conditions where a longer growing season is available our long day hybrids achieve superior yields in as little as 125 days.

NexSteppe’s Metano Alto hybrids are already commercialized in Europe and have been tested in hundreds of trials across dozens of countries around the world over multiple years.


  • Annual Biogas Crop
  • 85-130 days cycle
  • Low water and low input requirements
  • High methane yield per ton (Competitive with corn)
  • High crop yield per hectare

Contact a NexSteppe sales representative to discuss hybrid recommendations.

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